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Concrete Mixer History

One of the first concrete mixers ever was developed in 1900 by T.L. Smith in Milwaukee. The mixer already exhibited the still common basic construction with a tiltable conical drum (as double cone at that time) with blades. 1925, at least two mixers, built 25 years ago, were still in use (serial numbers 37 and 82). The Smith Mascot in essence has the same construction of the small mixers used today. In the 1920s, the T.L. Smith Company in Milwaukee built the world's largest concrete mixers. Mixers of this company were used e. g. for the construction of the Wilson Dam (six 2-yard and two 4-yard mixers, at the time the largest single installation of the largest concrete mixers in the world), the first stadium of the Ohio State University and the Exchequer Dam.

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