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1. Portable: Small manual brick cutters are easily portable and can be carried from one place to another with ease.

2. Cheaper: These machines are cheaper compared to their larger counterparts, making them affordable to small scale brick manufacturers.

3. Easy to operate: Manual brick cutters are straightforward to operate, and they do not require any technical skills to use.

4. Efficient: They are highly efficient machines that can cut bricks accurately and effectively in a short time.

5. Durable: The machines are made of high-quality materials, which make them sturdy, durable, and long-lasting, hence giving value for money.

6. Low operational cost: As they do not require any electricity or fuel to operate, they have low operating costs, making them more cost-effective compared to other brick cutting machines.

7. User-friendly: Manual brick cutters are user-friendly machines that can be easily operated by anyone, making them ideal for both professionals and amateurs alike.

Brick cutter

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